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  D u r i n g  3rd  c e n t u r y  BCE

 Story Behind   the Sanchi!

  Sanchi is one of Buddhism’s most revered pilgrimage sites. Story of Buddha and Ashoka is clearly Engrave on the Gate (Toran Dwar) of Sanchi Stupa. Every Block of the toran shows a beautiful story of Buddha from birth till Mahaparinirvana.

You May Know


The Great Stupa

The Great Samrat Ashoka

Ashoka expanded Chandragupta’s empire to All over the Indian Subcontinent.
Ashoka is very inspired by Buddhism and as a Buddhist emperor Ashoka only ambition was to spread Buddhism far and worldwide.

      The Mahabodhi Festival 2022

Sanchi Festival (Sanchi Mela) is one of the very famous Event in the world. This festival is celebrate Every Year in last sunday of the November. Many tourist came from all over the world. The Relics of Sariputta And Maudgalyāyana (Pali: Moggallāna) is place near the Buddha Stupa, which is bring from Europe. So all Devotees come to get blessings of the sarira.


After attaining the Nirvana Buddha symbolically denoted as Stupa, which is Surrounded by Devoties.

Before you Traveling..
The Nearest Railway station is Sanchi Railway station. There are some Hotels at Vidisha City which is about 8 kilometer from the Main stupa.

Nearest Airport is Raja Bhoj International Air Port, which is situated at Bhopal City.  

  Maurya Empire

The Great King Chandragupta Maurya who is dominated the Indian subcontinent between 322 and 185 BCE. The Maurya Empire was centralized and capitalize city was
located at Pataliputra (Today Patna, State Bihar). The Empires was the largest political, social and Ecnomical entity that has ever existed and place a historic mark in the Indian

subcontinent, extending over about 2 million square miles at its zenith under Samrat Ashoka. LEARN MORE


The Map of Sanchi is installed by the Archeological survey of India. It will become very Easy to Walk around sanchi monuments with the digital map.

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Meditation Center

The Meditation is Situated in the Central Asia near the Tian Shan Mountain, in the Beautiful nature.

Practicing & Chanting

The Practicing and Chanting is done on everyday during sunrise and sunset. 

The Online Classes is  help upon every weekend and the notification is updated on the sanchigate whatsapp group.

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