Trip To Thailand

The Sanchi Gate - World Heritage

Trip To Thailand


Thailand is a South Asian country. If you are thinking of traveling somewhere and wants to spending your vacation, then Thailand is a very good option for you. Here you will easily get to see very nice views from the Natural Landscape.
Thailand is the South Asian country, which have a capital city of Bangkok. Thailand is famous for the Topical Beach, Royal Palace, Temple of Buddha and beautiful Hills.

As with the Beautiful Hills and Sea Coast the Thailand is also famous for the Big Buddha Statue.


With Thai temple (Wat), here you can find the maximum golden statue of the Buddha.

Golden Buddha Statue from the Village Huay Ta, Uttaradit

The Major Airport in the Thailand is in the Bangkok also called as Suvarnabhumi Airport. The Another name of Thailand is also called as Suvarna Bhumi because it on the name of Gold. Suvarna means Gold, Bhumi means Land.

After COVID-19, the Rule to travel to Thailand are getting normal. and now there will be No Thai Pass Require to travel to Thailand. And Thailand extended one one month visa for Tourist instead of 15 days.

Chiang Mai

The Largest city of Northern Thailand. the city of Dreams, that feels live village but more then your expectation. Full of Amazing people from al over the world and delicious food from famous Restaurants.

Wat Phra Sing Temple, Chiang Mai

The Top 20 things you can do in Chiang Mai:

  1. Wat Pha Lat (700 year old Temple in Northern Thailand)
  2. Night Market (Visit to Famous Market in Chiang Mai)
  3. The Norther Thai Food (visit to Tha-nin Market)
  4. Private cooking classes (How to cook like Local?)
  5. Ride a Motorbike to National Park (Don’t Forget to wear Helmet)
  6. Visit to Karen Tribe in the Doi National Park
  7. Bath with Elephant at Elephant Pride sanctuary, San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai Province
  8. Water Rafting, Bua Tong Waterfalls
  9. Jungle Trekking Adventure at Doi Inthanon National Park
  10. Try to Learn Weaving a local Karen Shirt with Local People
  11. Explore the Thai coffee Culture at Cafe in Chiang Mai
  12. Yoga and Physical Activity in the Parks of the Chiang Mai (Buak Hard Public Park)
  13. Play Local Games as Sepak Takraw
  14. Burning Sky Lantern at Anual Yee Peng Lantern Festival in the November Month
  15. You can enjoy the Night Clubs and Dancing Bar.
  16. At Sea Coast sun invited with beautiful sun set with quite walk.
  17. Sports Grafting and surfing at Pattaya.
  18. Try to visit at Ko Samui Beaches have nightlife and Big Buddha Statue.
  19. Railay Beach, Krabi is situated Thailand with boasts is most spectacular in Asia.
  20. At Chiang Mai this city is also famous for Thai Handicraft like tattoo, wood carving, and making pottery, and silver work, umbrellas, and lacquerware.

The More you Travel the more you Explore. The more you Explore the more you know.
In Thailand you Never feel bored. The People of this country will be very friendly.

THAI PASS : NO THAI PASS Required. “Only Need to show the vaccination certificate. The people who don’t get vaccinated for them RTPCR facilities are available on the Airport.”

List of Documents required for departure is :

  1. Passport
  2. Tickets
  3. Proof of vaccination
  4. Medical insurance
  5. Booking (Accommodation)
  6. THB 20,000฿ with Bank Balance

I am sure this Thailand trip take you to the paradise after a long waiting of pandemic. So just pack your Bag and Move towards to Thailand.
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